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    by Published on 01-09-2012 09:58 AM


    1. Find out what other games they are playing and what other names they was using at the time. Post the information and have the player post a request.2. when the application is submitted, the person will be given a recruitment tag for 7-14 days so the FG members will get to know the person and be able to decide whether he is able to join the group or not.4. After 7-14 days the FG members will vote on the forum based on the person wanting to get recruited.

    • The whole process, from start to finish should take no less than a month. Only if you are a player of that game, you can vote. Please at any time if you vote ďNOĒ make sure you always post the reason. This is mainly to make sure someone is not voting ďNoĒ for a player on a game that they donít play. If no comment was left, the ďNOĒ vote will be voided. The vote will need to stay at post for 7 days to see if any other CLAN ADMIN or CLAN MEMBER may have a discrepancy about that player. Only if there is no discrepancies on that player, then you may recruit him/her into the clan. PLEASE at all times respect the other CLAN ADMINís and MEMBERís decision about the discrepancy. On any new game, you must have at least 2 CLAN ADMINís playing that game, (thatís including yourself), before you can start recruiting. (OVER THE AGE OF 15 PLEASE). GET TO KNOW THEM FIRST! If you have any questions please ask first.


    1. clan members cant recruit new members themselves or start a vote for a new member, but they can place their vote and opinion for the new recruit. They can put in a request to a CLAN ADMIN to recruit a player.2. All Clan Memberís must have
    Teamspeak.3. They can be kicked from the clan by a VOTE from the CLAN ADMINís. If they are caught using some type of cheats and is not liked by a majority of the members.


    • After one year of being Faithful with the clan, as ALL the CLAN ADMINS know a particular CLAN MEMBER, no matter what game they play and we all like him/her, a CLAN ADMIN can place a vote in the recruiting private message board. If they are voted in, that is if they want to be an admin.


    • When we havenít seen or heard from a CLAN MEMBER for one solid year he/she will be moved into the INACTIVE MEMBERS list and there password to the board will be disabled. If a CLAN MEMBER returns after that year, once we verify that he/she are the real McCoy. Then they will be removed from the INACTIVE MEMBERS list and reinstated into the clan.

    For Members Recruit click here
    To apply for Admin or server admin or Moderator Click here


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